What we offer:

Budgeting, venue selection, hotel management, food and beverage planning, marketing (audience development), registration, a/v and staging, and full on-site services including security.
The Shuster Group is expert in the sciences of 'liaison,' 'speaker management,' and 'VIP massage.' We could write a book about dealing with the most important (read: 'difficult') clients and leaders. We know how to ensure that their experience at your gathering is a seamless joy that meets their every expectation.
How many times have you attended a 'beautiful' event where everything 'worked perfectly' -- except the speaking onstage? If the actual words spoken are a terrible bore, the meeting is a failure no matter how good the food was or how beautiful the stage looked. The Shuster Group is the only event developer in the world that guarantees the quality of the onstage discussion. How? Click here.

Have a conference agenda but no speakers? Let The Shuster Group pick up the ball and pull together exactly the panels your audience wants to hear from.

OUR TOPICS Everything.
OUR PLACES Everywhere.
Need a conference on your company's industry? No problem. Need a meeting that airs your industry's position on a controversial governmental policy issue? Let us create it. Need a conference in Shanghai or Beijing? We have been there and done that, repeatedly.

Need a big conference? Need a small conference? The Shuster Group has led events for 10,000 persons at the Las Vegas convention center, and for 11 CEOs around a boardroom table. Our expertise is completely scalable. We have done it all and we can do it all for you.

No more same-old same-old! The Shuster Group begins by taking a fresh look at the goals of your event. Every meeting we create is a completely customized presentation shaped wholly by your needs often leading to dramatic change in the nature of your gatherings.

"Elite event " does not mean "expensive event." The more 'senior' and 'exclusive' your target audience, the less you need to spend to meet their expectations. Let The Shuster Group surprise you with how inexpensively you can create high-end executive discussions that will win the praise of the most demanding leadership audience.