The Shuster Group goes where other event developers fear to tread:
... we go on stage

What is 'complete event development'? The way most event developers operate they appear to think 'complete' means arranging the nitty-gritty of a meeting and then standing at the edge of the room praying that it goes well (we know people who actually do stand there and pray).

Most meeting planners only plan the meeting; they don't conduct it. In their view what happens onstage is not in their control and not their responsibility. With this attitude it is impossible to guarantee the quality of an event.

The Shuster Group does not abandon you at the stairs to the stage. We know that the quality of a conference is measured by the caliber of what happens on the platform, so we do things that other event developers never even consider:
We make certain that your presentation is not a bore.
We create a format that masks your onstage nervousness.
We take steps to ensure that you say what you came to the meeting to say, and that you say it well.

How can an event development company do all that? Only by getting onstage with you and creating an environment where every speaker, every panelist can only do their best. Our famous all-discussion format chaired by Scott Shuster ensures onstage success for every platform participant all day.

This is the Shuster Group method: It is the know-how that has led BusinessWeek to have Scott Shuster chair every single CEO-only and CFO only event the magazine has ever held...every BusinessWeek senior management event created for a solid 15 years. And it is the same method we offer to all our clients.




"Scott Shuster is the best in the world at what he does. We are extremely fortunate to have him on the BusinessWeek team. " -- comments of the Publisher of BusinessWeek magazine.

Scott has chaired nearly every BusinessWeek conference ever held.

Producer of NPR's All Things Considered; nine years a foreign correspondent for ABC News; advisor to the World Economic Forum / Davos Symposium; editorial director of events for BusinessWeek. Scott leads the most challenging conferences for demanding clients like AIG, Microsoft Corporation, IBM, American Banker, COMDEX, HP, The Royal Court of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the US State Department, many more. Click here to learn more about Scott.