Scott Shuster's DISCUSSION-DRIVEN Conferences

Discussion-based Instead of Speech-based: A Better Format for Business Gatherings

When you have Scott Shuster chairing your event, you 'stop the podium parade' of speakers delivering prepared addresses from the lectern. Scott brings audience interactivity and a whole new feeling of openness and enquiry to any corporate, industry, or public policy conference.

It's the 'something different' you've been looking for, a more modern, interactive format that responds to popular expectations and greatly improves the audience experience at any business gathering.

Scott's all-discussion, 'interview' approach is never boring. Even the most familiar speakers are suddenly seen in a new light: answering questions, rather than reading a speech. This enormous difference guarantees a heightened degree of audience interest.

Scott's technique breaks down the barrier between the leadership figures onstage and the executives in the audience. For an executive seeking a more accessible image, nothing works better than a live interview.

Audience involvement is assured as much or as little as you want, depending on the character of your meeting. Scott can arrange for audience questions to guide the conversation, or for a more controlled, message-focused program, share your communication goals with Scott and rely on him to drive the entire discussion as onstage interviewer.

Scott's interview technique guarantees an interesting discussion with any speaker or panel. Have a look at what Scott's clients have to say about this.

Easier Prep for Your Executive Speakers: With no speech to write the burden of participating at your meeting is much reduced. Easier prep means easier executive booking: You can tell potential speakers "This won't take a minute of your time before the event!"

Scott Shuster bulletproofs your wholed conference against disasters. If an important speaker fails to appear Scott can drive a whole session with audience-only discussion. Nothing can go wrong! So choose the safe, proven solution!