21 Ways Scott Shuster Can Make Your Events Even More Successful!

With Scott onstage, you are in control.

Don't drop the ball at the stairs to the stage!
Not every great executive is a great speaker. My all-discussion format ensures that every executive looks relaxed, speaks well, and leaves happy.

Are we conferring yet?
The best executives and organizations are open for dialogue. So are the best business conferences. More and more event sponsors demand an interactive meeting format. That's what Scott does.

Take Questions...Look Good!
Executives project confidence when they are not afraid to take questions. Onstage conversation makes the boss look approachable, accessible...friendly! It's a more positive positioning.

No Hiding Behind the Lectern!
It is no longer acceptable to make a speech and refuse to take questions. Best of all, skip the speech and engage in dialogue right from the start.

The 'No Lectern At All' Option
One of my clients has workmen cart away the lectern at the beginning of every conference to emphasize that their meeting is a place for dialogue."

I am the alternative to the 'podium parade.
My clients set the topics and then just count on me to lead engaging discussions all day.

I'll Chair A Whole Event...
...from start to finish, introducing and interviewing everyone on the program, or I can be brought in for just one or two panels, or to interview an important keynote speaker.

It's not enough to say: "Any questions?...
...because often, no one responds. I make sure every question and answer session is a complete success.

With me onstage, you are in control.
I'll teach you how to communicate with me when I'm onstage, making it easy for you to send me messages. Like a TV news producer, you can retain total control of your live program.

As Dynamic As You Want It!
I'll enter the audience to drive Q&A from there, moving about the floor like a TV talkshow host. But I also have one client who prefers a low-key, academic style. No problem, I can deliver that too.

Professional, 'broadcast'-quality presentation

Television sets the standard: Presentation must be flawless. When Scott leads your meetings, there are no awkward silences, every speaker introduction is carefully crafted, the whole conference is delivered to perfection.

Short attention span: A growing problem.
Scott's engaging interview technique conquers short attention span, delivering improved audience focus and participation throughout your event.

After Lunch" is no excuse.
Scott's immensely popular discussion sessions keep panelists on their toes and attendees awake, no matter what time it is. Scott wakes up passive audiences.

Make it easier on your execs!
Writing speeches and designing slides makes it hard for executives to say 'yes' to your conference invitation. My all-discussion sessions require only that they show up and bring their brains. Zero prep!

Before The Meeting...
I confer with every panelist. I know what they've come to say, and I make certain they convey their message effectively before they leave the stage.

Same Old Execs saying the Same Old Things?
Even the most familiar executive speakers are seen in a new light when they sit in discussion. My technique breaks down the barriers between the stage and the audience.

Complete, turnkey solutions
From pre-event discussions with panelists through flawless presentation onstage, Scott handles everything, saving you time and headaches.

Scott brings objectivity and impartiality. Having the BusinessWeek discussion leader at your event makes your meeting less like a 'selling environment.' Emphasize his presence in your marketing materials and you'll attract more people.

Save money on staging!
One client is saving $70,000 per meeting by dropping the expensive lighting, huge sound systems, big screens, and expensive video productions. Instead they rely on me to deliver the highest quality of onstage discussion. I'll excite your audience with the meeting's message instead of expensive staging. My presence lets you tone down the glitz and focus on the content.

More, Better Networking!
Scott's discussion-driven working groups extend attendee networking right into the business sessions, dramatically enhancing the value of your event to attendees.

Need a CEO-, CFO-, or CIO-only forum?
Elite, senior-executive gatherings are Scott's specialty. As a stand-alone or as an add-on to a larger conference or trade show, a "CXO" private gathering will raise the profile of your organization.