Scott's Non-Corporate Clients

AACCLA, The Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America Chair of annual conference held each year, usually in a South American, Central American, or Caribbean capital city, 5 consecutive years (Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and US venues)

AFAR, The American Federation for Aging Research 

Live interview of John Glenn in his first post-flight conference for the science press.

ANGEL AFRICA (The Association of a New Generation of Leaders for Africa) presents the West Africa Investment Forum, New York

End to end conference chairman/interviewer for this not-for-profit event co-sponsored by the New York Society of Securities Analysts and The Africa Social Enterprise Forum (ASEF). Scott’s chairmanship of this type of event builds on his long history of event leadership for business and finance events focused on economically less-developed regions, which has seen Scott chair meetings in Abidjan, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Beijing, Cairo, Dakar, Dubai, Islamabad, Istanbul, Kinshasa, Lima, Lubumbashi, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, St. Petersburg (Russia), and Taipei.  Scott is the former ABC News foreign correspondent for the developing countries (9 years).

ANSI, The American National Standards Institute 

Chair of a series of senior-level public meetings on international standardization

ASAE, The American Society of Association Executives 

Chair of sessions at the annual ASAE gathering.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers Annual Conference End-to-end discussion leadership for the world's manufacturers of construction, agricultural, mining, forestry, and utility equipment

BIO, The Biotechnology Industry Association 

Chair of sessions at the group's first CEO/Senior Managers Summit

BSA, The Bearing Specialists Association 

Annual conference keynote speaker and discussion leader

IIU: The Business School of the International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan 

Speaker and discussion leader on international business and media

The California Building Industry Association Annual "PCBC" trade show and conference

Chairman of keynote panels, chairman of CEO-only track, three consecutive years.

Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) 

Chair of a series of annual breakfasts sponsored by AT&T, Lucent Technologies, others.

The 7th Annual Columbia University African Economic Forum

Panel chairmanships at this high-profile Africa opportunity forum held each year in NYC.

The 40-institution Committee of Donor Agencies for Enterprise Development, comprised of the aid agencies of 17 nations, the European Commission, private foundations, plus multiple UN, World Bank and other multilateral agencies

Scott led its international public-private conference on national policies affecting the business environment of developing countries, held in Cairo.  

Conference for a Sustainable America

Chair of corporate and youth keynote sessions of this landmark gathering on the environmental future of the world, convened by the White House (The President's Council for Sustainable Development)

Corporate Council on Africa’s US-Africa Business Summit

Scott’s live on-stage and televised Q&A with five presidents and prime ministers of African countries, plus seven U.S. administration Africa policy leaders, two African trade and industry ministers, the governor of the Nigerian Central Bank, and commercial leaders from such giant US-Africa investors as ConocoPhillips, Mars, Merck, Monsanto, and Cargill.

The largest-ever US conclave on doing business with Africa.

Government of Dubai, UAE,

Dubai Organizing Committee for the World Bank-IMF Joint Meetings, program host and interviewer for a televised presentation introducing the World Bank-IMF gathering to the citizenry of Dubai through a live broadcast interview program featuring 16 leading figures of Dubai government and society.

Government of The People's Republic of China

The DRC Development Research Center, Beijing event for foreign executives,

The State Council; Government of Ireland / Irish Investment and Development Agency

US Investment promotion event

The Hashemite Royal Court (Government of Jordan)

A series of 6 investment promotion appearances of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania across the US, interviewing Their Majesties and others.

Jordan: Business Portal To The Middle East

Design and chairmanship of this Washington event for the Embassy of Jordan, leading a session with Her Majesty Queen Rania.

The Jordan ICT Forum

The MENA ICT Summit

End to end chairmanship of five consecutive biennial national and regional information technology and telecommunications summmits for Jordan and the Middle East / North Africa region in Amman and Dead Sea, Jordan.  Click “See Scott” to view an entire session at an Amman MENA Summit.

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Government of Sweden: ISA The Invest In Sweden Agency and SACC The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

Inter-agency joint nvestment promotion gathering

Government of Singapore

Singapore Economic Development Board investment promotion meeting in New York

Government of Turkey / Global Business Development Group

Chairman of an Invest-in-Turkey economic development gathering, Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul.

The HIMSS Thought Leader Summit

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) chooses Scott to lead its first “Thought Leader Summit," a CXO-only meeting of executives in healthcare (hospitals/health systems), health insurers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and health industry investors.

HRDI, The Healthcare Research and Development Institute 

All-day chair of an all-discussion event among CEOs of health care, health insurance, and pharmaceutical corporations

IHRMS, The International Human Resources Management Society 

Session discussion leader, speaker

ICSC, The International Council of Shopping Centers Keynote speaker (on topic of Asia investment)

IDRC, The International Development Research Council 

Speaker and chair of panel discussion at annual conference

New York Entrepreneur Week

A number of panel chairmanships at Gary Whitehill’s recurring New York City / Silicon Alley entrepreneurial networking event

PCBC, The Western Building Show 

Chair of this not-for-profit organization's new "Leader-to-Leader Forum" of Western States homebuilding executives (50-100 persons).

PCBC, The Western Building Show

Chair of panels before plenary audience of thousands, at this annual convention, three consecutive years

The S.C. Johnson Global Forum

Scott called to handle this quadriennial (only once every four years) internal event for the senior management of the company that makes Windex, Glade, Skintimate, Saran, Ziploc, etc. Their first-ever external moderator.  Via The Harry Walker Agency.

Scripps Institute of Medical Research

Chair of "The Changing World of International Pharmaceutical Product Development," Scripps' popular annual meeting.

SMCSE, Strategic Marketing of Conferences Seminars and Exhibitions

Annual Conference Speaker at this meeting of conference planners

State of the World Global Forum 

Chair of corporate sessions at this annual conference developed under the sponsorship of for former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and the Gorbachev Foundation

Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and ISA, The Invest in Sweden Agency

Chair of ISA's New York assembly on Corporate Environmentalism, featuring CEOs of all of Sweden's largest companies, meeting conducted in the presence of HRH King Carl XVI Gustav

State Grain and Feed Association Executive Directors Strategy Conference Chairman

The Texas Grain and Feed Association Annual Conference, chairman of panel discussions

USAID (The US Agency for International Development)

Flew Scott to Amman, Jordan to lead a conference on US-supported Jordanian achievements in the sphere of information technology and e-government. Onstage interview of His Majesty King Abdullah II

Int@J: The Information Technology Industry Association of Jordan

Chairman of “Jordan Emerges” and successor events, biennially for 12 years (Amman, Jordan)

US Dept. of Commerce

U.S. Minority Business Development Agency, chairman, annual MEDWeek conference

US Dept. of Justice

Chairman of the FBI's first post-9/11 conference on corporate physical and cybersecurity, in association with US Chamber of Commerce

US Dept. of State 

World Summit on Monitoring and Combating Trafficking in Persons: Pathbreaking Strategies in the Global Fight Against Sex Trafficking, session chair for technology challenges and solutions.