Huit Kilos :: What people say...
"...shifting polyrhythms and textures that make for exciting listening and dancing..."
"...Huit-Kilos' fluid guitar lines thread through some of the finest dance music ever made..."
"...silken harmonies, crystalline guitar stylings of Tabu Ley's longtime collaborator Huit Kilos..."
"...a laid-back soukous groove that periodically tears it up. Huit Kilos on guitar is one of the best exponents of the form working today." MORE

Huit Kilos :: Lead Guitarist :: Kinshasa, Paris...L.A.
Africa’s most creative lead guitarist
is now Los Angeles-based
and available for studio recording and touring!
Soukous? Meet the creator of Africa’s Hottest Sound!
Composer of many of Africa’s most familiar guitar-centric soukous themes and licks
Lead guitarist for Papa Wemba...Tabu Ley Rochereau...Ricardo Lemvo...King Kester...Dindo Yogo...Ngouma Lokito...Langa Langa Stars...

Salsa... Reggae... Antillean... Caribbean... Blues... Country... Gospel... Rock... World... you-name-it:
Give Huit Kilos 5 minutes and he’ll deliver exactly what you need in any genre.

Deep Emotion...with a Beat... Dance music... that lifts you up and carries you away... More than any other guitarist in the world, Huit Kilos knows how to make strikingly noticeable guitar achievements happen in your music! Listen to these clips of Huit Kilos' creative composition and brilliant performance in action!
1 "Imaculee" 7 "Isbond"
2 "Mwasi Yabato" 8 "Kumalanda"
3 "Muzina - early" 9 "Latin cut"
4 "Linga Ngai" 10 "Likala Ya Moto"
5 "Affaire Ya Mokili" 11 "Muzina"
6 "Etale" 12 "Princessia"
Huit Kilos performance clip details
The Story of Huit Kilos
Huit Kilos, guitar virtuoso and composer, started making music on a guitar made from a cooking oil can and a piece of wood. At first playing secretly, as his father was opposed to Huit’s becoming a guitarist, the young boy prevailed when one day his family, to their surprise, saw him playing the guitar on television! MORE
A 'Huit Bit' of History: How Huit Kilos got his name...

“Huit Kilos” is pronounced “whee-kee-LOW” and means “eight kilograms” (in French). This is a reference to the fact that when Huit was very young he sat in for a missing guitarist in a group whose seven members were said to have ‘seven kilograms of talent’ among them, one entire kilogram of talent in each member of the band!.
When the young new guitarist arrived to substitute he was immediately declared to have added a full additional kilogram of talent to the group, “le huitieme kilo!” — “the eighth kilo!” — and so he was quickly dubbed “Huit Kilos.”
Huit, only 11-years old at the time, did not quite understand: “What’s that?" he asked, "Huit Kilos? What does that mean??” The new name was explained to him, and he liked it, specifically approving it for continued use as his stage name right then and there. Today, only those closest to Huit Kilos ever call him by any other name.

Contact Huit Kilos !
To reach Huit Kilos for your next tour or recording, call Huit Kilos directly on +1 323 302 7698 for one-on-one negotiation and performance scheduling!

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