scott shuster business events moderator

"Scott Shuster is the best in the world at what he does"

- David Ferm, President & Publisher, BusinessWeek magazine

Guarantor of quality at corporate, industry association, and governmental events around the world. Scott Shuster’s expertise in business management, information technology, economic development, and emerging markets plus his industry specialities in finance / banking / investment; process industries; IT / telecommunications & software development, combine with his professional skills onstage to make him the correct choice to lead the onstage discussion at any large management or policy-making event.

Scott invests the time needed to make your meeting perfect

Booking Scott Shuster to lead a panel or to chair your whole event starts a process that will see Scott making contact with everyone whose opinion should weigh-in on designing the content of the meeting. If you, the event-responsible developer of the meeting, prefer to be the single-point-of-contact, that’s fine. But it there are two, or three, or six, or ten others who want input, Scott will make contact with them all. He will see to it that all the perspectives, all the content, that all those BU managers want everyone to hear about at the meeting will be presented. Through this process of information gathering Scott learns all about your company: Non-disclosure agreements are often part of the arrangement. Along the way, Scott learns all about each person who will be on stage, from the CEO on. As part of his custom preparation for your event, Scott prepares a crafted introduction he will deliver as an introduction to the appearance of every person on the program.

Scott makes it easy: no speeches to write

Once you have decided which executives (or customers, suppliers, consultants, etc.) will be appearing onstage at your meeting, Scott will also be in touch with each of them - separately - to find out one-on-one from each exactly what it is they want to convey to your audience. Together Scott and each person you intend to place onstage will work out a list of topics that will give shape to their conversation. The onstage appearance may be a one-on-one interview, or it may be a row of executives engaging in a conversational panel discussion. Either way, by knowing in advance the goals of each panelist, Scott makes certain that everyone onstage delivers the message they came to deliver, and does so in the most accessible way: As a normal human conversation, rather than in a speech or “pacing address.”. The most wonderful part of this approach: Nobody has to write a speech. Everyone in the corporate world has something better / more important to do than struggle to prepare a speech for an off-site meeting. Scott’s clients put speechmaking behind them. Once the direction of the onstage conversation has been set, all participants need only come to the meeting and wait for Scott to call them up on stage. No notes needed, in fact no further preparation at all after Scott’s one pre-event call or email exchange.

Scott offers the something different you have been seeking

If you have the task of creating an annual (or more frequent) corporate meeting, you know how difficult it can be to come up with something new for your audience when the podium parade of executives this year is going to be pretty much (often 100%) the same leaders as last year. And the audience is largely the same people as well. Scott Shuster’s all-interview approach offers the “something new” you are looking for.

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Nearly 50 corporations have called on Scott to chair their events and lead panel discussions of company and customer executives.

Nearly 40 public institutions, government departments, professional societies and not-for-profit associations, plus United Nations and World Bank / IMF affiliated organizations call on Scott to lead public discussions on their critical issues.